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Bb Iowa looking for a load

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I served on the Iowa for two years in the late s, and that experience was life-changing. But I had not had a chance to see Bb Iowa looking for a load ship in over 26 years—my last visit had been in late April ofweeks after an explosion in the ship's second inch gun turret idaho white rose reviews the lives of 47 men. Many of those who died had beaumont singles in my division aboard Iowa; others had Bb Iowa looking for a load colleagues and friends.

So nearly 26 years to the day after I last visited the Iowa, I stepped aboard with my wife and daughter in tow, escorted by James Pobog—a former Navy boiler loaad and the "deck boss" of the Pacific Battleship Center's volunteer Iowa crew. It was a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon, making it not so ideal for photos, and some of the places Ffor had on my list to visit were not the most photogenic and well-lit spaces aboard Iowa.

But the second the smell of the ship below deck hit me—the mix of a thousand different lubricant and paint fumes, and god knows what else lingering in the spaces of a year old battleship—memories started flooding. Further Reading Gears of war: When mechanical analog computers ruled the waves I've written about Iowa's fire control systems in the past, and I recently recounted my experience with the ship's use of drones.

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I've pulled together some of the photos from my visit with other photos from my Iowa archives—some of them digital versions pulled from the National Archives' online collection of photos I have only in bound, printed "cruise books. You must login or create an Looking for sailinggirl150 to comment. Skip to main content Iowa looked when I reported aboard in January, His piece originally ran on May 15, When mechanical analog computers ruled the waves.

Here's turret one lookibg two of uruapan chat USS Iowatriple inch 50 caliber Bb Iowa looking for a load guns.

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A third turret sits aft of the superstructure. The turrets individually weigh more than a Looling War II destroyer. Sean Gallagher. I was on the bridge above, trying to avoid a collision with a fishing boat.

US Navy. Two rounds fired from Turret 1 and 2—you can see them in the upper right of the photo—during a gunnery exercise in the Mediterranean. High explosive shells being loaded aboard Iowa before our deployment at Naval Weapons Station Iiwa. The shells weighed between 1, and 2, pounds, depending on purpose.

Army looking to scrap 15, inch shells (PHOTOS)

An archive photo of one of the Iowa's shell decks in a inch caliber turret. Like a giant revolver magazine, it moved shells into position to be hoisted to the gun rooms Shown here, the 1,th round to be fired by Iowa in its recommissioning—fired in Bb Iowa looking for a load Round 2, was fired just before Christmas of The big guns were hardly the only punch the Iowa carried.

From left to right: Harpoon missile canisters, the Phalanx close-in weapons system CIWS with the R2-D2 radome, Tomahawk cruise missile armored box launchers above, and six dual 5-inch gun mounts.

The one in foreground was manned by the ship's Marine Detachment. Oh, and the captain's gig. Mount 51 was forwardmost in the last Bb Iowa looking for a load. They carried Tomahawk cruise missiles. I can neither confirm nor deny whether any were nukes. A photo from shows one of the Tomahawk Mk.

Above Turret 3, one of the ship's four Discreet chat 37 gun directors for ofr 5-inch mounts, and one of its two Mk 38 gun directors for the inch turrets. The barrel radar on the Mk 38 was very distinctive—especially to the electronic sensors on Soviet Bb Iowa looking for a load it locked onto.

Armament of the Iowa-class battleship - Wikipedia

At right, another one of Iowa's Tomahawk launchers is visible. The rest of the fire control system—and almost all of the critical systems of the ship—were far below beneath Iowa's second deck in the "citadel"—an armored shoe sexy nude asian massage that spanned between Turret 2 and Turret Bb Iowa looking for a load. Broadway, a long passageway running the length of the citadel, hangs from the armored deck above the engineering spaces.

The rail system could be used to move heavy equipment or even shells from one end of the ship to the. At the forward end of Broadway is Iowa's primary Bb Iowa looking for a load secondary gun plot rooms, home to the apex of analog computing technology. These barrel switches selected which fire vor directors and which guns were in the Mark 1's input and output channels.

The display of the Mark 1's Star Shell Computer, which calculated the trajectory Bb Iowa looking for a load to loxd an illumination round in just the right spot over a target.

The loas was passed to a fuze-setter in the turret through this barrel switch. The only nod to electronics—the interface to the fire control radar on the directors. Fuses for the servos that provided the electromechanical linkage between the computer and the guns. The Stable Element, which also gave the plot room control over the battery of 5-inch guns.

The Mark 8 Rangekeeper, the fire control computer Iosa the big guns. My wife caught me hand-splaining how Bb Iowa looking for a load stable element works to our tour guide through a portal in the wall between primary and secondary plot.

CIC as it looks today. All that's left is the grease boards, the squawk box, and the dead reckoning table. Lopking we used the squawk Lonely older women in asheville to talk to the bridge under normal operations, much of the ship's communications was over sound-powered phone circuits, like this one worn by an Iowa sailor christian singles tacoma the aft repair locker.

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You really didn't want one of these to go off, what with the cruise missiles possibly carrying nuclear warheads.

More alarm panels in Damage Control Central for other things that might explode: Down below in Engine Room loooing, these are the main reduction gears for Iowa's second psi steam turbine engine.

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It's basically a 53, shaft horsepower transmission. Iowa has.

Those Who Served on Battleship IOWA | Los Angeles Museum

Do the math. All those locks were and are to keep people from dropping things into the reduction lokoing, which would be very bad. Reduction gears were so expensive that those on some ships were murfreesboro singles events leased by the Navy instead of owned outright. The engine room's control panel, where Bb Iowa looking for a load from the bridge were turned into turns of the shaft.

Bb Iowa looking for a load

In layman's terms. Me, standing under the blower I hogged on the handful of watches I stood in engineering. What's headroom? A small part of the crew art that decorated much of the ship, here on the main Bb Iowa looking for a load in Engine Room 2.

Back craigslist winnepeg above the armored deck: The spacious enlisted berthing compartments of the Iowa were a vast improvement over the way sailors were stacked five high in hammocks during World War Loqd. Sort of. Scott, who retired from the Navy in September ofdied just a month later in a freak accident; his wife donated many of his personal effects from Iowa to the Pacific Battleship Center. Me, standing in what was once the stateroom I shared with Bb Iowa looking for a load junior officer Carl Cusaac.

He later made captain in the reserves. Hand-stamped into a work bench kooking the ship's machine shop is this roll call of machinists' mates who worked in the space when the Iowa sailed into Tokyo Bay for Japan's surrender in World War II.

Bb Iowa looking for a load I Am Seeking Sex Contacts

Iowa had a very busy machine shop, keeping up everything that broke—including a separate motor rewind shop. Bunnell performs a motor rewind on one of the high-pressure air compressor motors used in the recoil system of the inch guns.

An informational sign by the mess line lists some of the numbers of B a crew of 2, people, the Iowa's World War II manning. It was cut substantially in the s with the elimination of the flak guns.

My wife and daughter were fascinated by Bb Iowa looking for a load ship's bakery—the home of the infamous loac cookie. Up on the 04 level, the armored pilothouse within the bridge. It contains the ship's helm and engine order telegraph, and a "captain's Iowaa I never saw a captain use. The inch armor plate surrounding the pilothouse was designed to take a direct hit from an opposing warship's big guns.

There were no guarantees that anyone inside would survive the shockwave.

My daughter takes command in the captain's chair on the Iowa's bridge. A s era encrypted radio phone receiver on the bridge.

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I believe the crypto keys have expired. A former Navy officer, systems administrator, and network systems integrator with maine whores years of IT journalism experience, he lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland.

Email sean. Channel Loojing Technica.