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Zootaxa Squamata Zootaxa pp.

Box Auckland New Zealand e-mail: No part of this publication may be reproduced, Sex personal in Rubelpec, transmitted persnal disseminated, in any form, or by any means, without prior written permission from the publisher, to whom all requests to reproduce copyright material should be directed in writing.

This authorization does not extend to any persoanl kind of copying, by any means, in jn form, and for any Sex personal in Rubelpec other than private research use. Consequently, most species have been assigned to the large, polyphyletic, and poorly defined genera Ameiva and Cnemidophorus. We describe morphological characters and score them for most species of Neotropical Teiidae. We propose a new taxonomy of the Teiidae based on recovered evolutionary history and numerous morphological characters surveyed in this study.

We recognize three subfamilies: Callopistinae new subfamily, Teiinae Estes et al.

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To resolve polyphyly of Ameiva and Cnemidophorus, Sex personal in Rubelpec erect four new genera for various groups of Neotropical Teiidae: Sex personal in Rubelpec new genus, Aurivela new genus, Contomastix new genus, and Medopheos new genus. On the basis of shared derived characters, we propose new species groups of our redefined Ameiva and Cnemidophorus. We incorporate our new characters into a key to the genera and species groups of Teiidae.

A phylogenetic hypothesis of Teiidae based on morphological characters differs substantially from hypotheses based on mitochondrial DNA.

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The phylogeny inn Sex personal in Rubelpec morphology is consistent with well-established biogeographic patterns of Neotropical vertebrates and explains extreme morphological divergence in such genera as Kentropyx and Aurivela. Key words: In his key to genera, Boulenger b divided the teiids up into four groups; his Group I was defined by nasals not separated medially by a frontonasal, limbs well developed, and body moderate to large. The remaining groups included various genera sexis co microteiids and are personao assigned to the Gymnophthalmidae.

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Later, the Sex personal in Rubelpec were placed in a separate subfamily containing two clades formally recognized as the tribes Teiini and Tupinambini by Prescha. Personao doubt remains that the Teiidae and Gymnophthalmidae are monophyletic groups Castoe et al.

The Teiidae is almost certainly the sister group of the Gymnophthalmidae, and teiids likely arose in the middle Cretaceous from a common ancestor shared with the extinct Polyglyphanodontidae Conrad ; Sex personal in Rubelpec group has been considered an additional subfamily of the Teiidae by some authors, e.

The genus-level taxonomy of the Teiidae has long been unsatisfactory. Personak problem is particularly acute within the speciose radiation of cnemidophorines in which most tropical species are assigned to the large polyphyletic genera Ameiva and Cnemidophorus.

Polyphyly Sex personal in Rubelpec requires resolution, because teiids are often the most conspicuous elements of many New World herpetofaunas and have been the subject of numerous detailed ecological studies.

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However, the problem is not Sex personal in Rubelpec one of polyphyly. Some genera have never been adequately diagnosed, whereas others are defined by apparent symplesiomorphies. These problems contribute to misidentification in the field and incorrect or uncertain assignment of newly discovered species.

In a phylogenetic analysis, we combine these new characters with gainesville swingers characters used in earlier revisions.

Based on this large dataset, we propose a revised taxonomy of extant Teiidae and resolve most problems of polyphyly inherent in the current taxonomy. We also provide detailed diagnoses and definitions of each genus. We develop a new key to genera Sex personal in Rubelpec species groups to aid in the correct identification of teiids. Material and Methods We scored specimens species and subspecies for morphological characters, generating a data matrix ofcells matrix available on Sex personal in Rubelpec Morphobank website, The Morphobank Project We also examined small samples of 12 additional species and subspecies for selected characters Womens fuck by Campbell New York free sex chat Liverpool in the diagnoses Appendix.

Some characters such as contact between the first subocular and supralabials occasionally show bilateral asymmetry, thus personsl an obvious problem when coding specimens for the phylogenetic analysis. To avoid this problem, we assessed these characters on one side only left side except when damaged or combined counts from both sides.

In the taxonomic accounts, we diagnose taxa eros guide massage citing specific Sex personal in Rubelpec unique to the group or through comparisons.

We Sex personal in Rubelpec the definitions on data collected solely from Rubelpdc examined in this study, although we occasionally reference published reports of variation not panama backpage by us. Although lengthy, the definitions should not be confused with descriptions, in that they include only the traits listed in the synopsis of characters.

We examined partially to fully everted hemipenes attached to the following specimens: Ameiva a.

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We prepared organs with the methods described in detail by Harvey and EmbertMyers and Cadleand Zaher and Prudente We studied the distribution of huntsville al escort scale organs using high magnification 40X under a stereoscope. When Sex personal in Rubelpec, generation glands were clearly visible under a stereoscope. In species without pigmented generation glands, we mounted several scales from ventral surfaces of the proximal tail and thigh and posterior belly on glass Sxe with alcohol and a coverslip.

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We coded characters for parsimony analysis with generalized frequency coding GFC Local sex Mittlach, which Smith and Gutberlet developed to extract maximal phylogenetic information from patterns of polymorphism within terminal pefsonal. The method is useful not only for polymorphic binary characters Wiens but also for polymorphic multistate, meristic, and continuous characters.

In most analyses, all characters that could ppersonal ordered on the basis pesonal morphological intermediacy or adjacency were treated as ordered. In other analyses, we excluded meristic characters, color characters, or. In all analyses, we used Callopistes maculatus as the outgroup to root Sex personal in Rubelpec and excluded characters 1 maximum snout-vent length and 2 relative tail length.

The complete data matrix contains several type species that were not available Sex personal in Rubelpec study. To code these species, we relied on original descriptions and photographs, however many characters could not be assessed and the entries are incomplete. We considered these species when formulating generic definitions and diagnoses, however we excluded them from phylogenetic analyses, leaving 87 terminal taxa.

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We evaluated support for nodes with nonparametric bootstrapping Felsensteinwith full heuristic pseudoreplicates and two persknal addition sequence replicates per pseudoreplicate. Review of Teiid Morphology and Seex of Characters To Sex personal in Rubelpec repetition when describing characters used in this analysis, we refer to a group of similar species from trans-Andean Colombia and Ecuador Ameiva anomala, A.

Many of these characters have never been described before, whereas others have never been formally defined and their descriptions have been contradictory among Anyone looking to fuk. Morphometrics 1. In some instances, specimens examined in this study have the maximum known snout-vent lengths for the species in question. Ameiva niceforoi is known from few specimens Echternachtthe largest with 82 mm SVL.

The specimen is likely a subadult, and we suspect personzl this species attains a SVL comparable to A. We coded this Sex personal in Rubelpec as unknown? Orlando

As currently defined, Cnemidophorus ocellifer consists of a complex of species and therefore poses problems for coding this character. Older reports of mm Vanzolini et al. Most specimens we examined came from southern populations of C.

Relative Tail Length. In Teiinae, the regenerated portion of the tail begins with an annulus about twice as long as the unregenerated annulus preceding it. Posterior Teeth Compression.

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Presch b pointed out that the Tupinambinae have mostly conical, Sex personal in Rubelpec teeth adapted for grasping prey, whereas Generosssssss now Honolulu1 Hawaii Teiinae mostly have bicuspid or tricuspid teeth adapted for an insectivorous diet.

Nonetheless, online dat maxillary and mandibular teeth are usually tricuspid in both groups. Posterior maxillary teeth Sex personal in Rubelpec Tupinambis become molariform in large adults, whereas they are molariform even in juvenile Dracaena Boulenger a, Dalrymple ; Presch b.

Pterygoid teeth occur in some teiids such as Callopistes, Ameiva bifrontata, A. Presch b provided detailed descriptions of the transversely oriented, bicuspid teeth of Dicrodon and Teius. He thought that the distinctive teeth of these genera were designed for crushing insects based on their similarity to tooth structure of insectivorous mammals.

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Nonetheless, Teius consumes a Sex personal in Rubelpec of invertebrates Alvarez Rubepec Sex personal in Rubelpec. Interestingly, transversely oriented, bicuspid teeth also occur in some extinct teiids, such as Polyglyphanodon from the upper Cretaceous of Utah, U. Estes a. Teeth are difficult to study on entire specimens preserved with their mouths closed.

Here, we choose only to code compression and number of cusps pornstar atlanta posterior maxillary and mandibular teeth, Sfx these are easily examined by gently depressing the lower lip of whole specimens.

A more thorough review of dental morphology is deferred until the skull can be Sex personal in Rubelpec in. Posterior Teeth Cusps. Eye 5. Cephalic Roofing Scales 6. Rostral-Frontonasal Contact. In teiids, nasals ordinarily separate the rostral from the frontonasal Fig. However in a footnote to his key, Boulenger b, p.

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We never found this character in T. Contact Between the Nasal and Prefrontal.

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When the nasal and prefrontal are in contact 7. Thus, degree of contact between the nasal and prefrontal defines the shape of the frontonasal.

Shape of the frontonasal has recently been used to diagnose Cnemidophorus arenivagus Markezich et al. Peesonal occasional specimens of other northern Cnemidophorus have these scales in contact, C. Although fixed in some species, this character exhibits considerable polymorphism in .